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Leena Patel is the founder of, and a leading expert on helping executive teams worldwide lead change, drive innovation, and develop a winning culture of creativity, collaboration, and inclusion. She helps big businesses and fast-growing companies design and execute on innovation initiatives that capitalize on new business opportunities and secure a strategic market position.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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I loved connecting with you all at the Summit and I hope you all got a ton of value from our time together! 

As promised, here you can gain free access to the 3-chapter sampler of Raise Your Innovation IQ.

In these three chapters, I cover three key strategies that will support you in being happier at work - as well as many more ideas and insights to help you innovate with authenticity

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The quest to stretch yourself so that you can add massive value in the workplace while staying true to who you are is one that requires delicate balancing. Learning to think differently while being authentic to who you truly are is going to be your secret weapon in today's fast-changing workplace... and this book is designed to be a companion for you as you ready youself with skills to support you in your professional career. 


See you in the Sandbox!


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"Leena Patel has skill, knowledge, flair, and heart." – CELINE DION


"Raise Your Innovation IQ moves you to unlock your creative power and then hands you the action steps to future-proof your career or business. If you want to make a powerful imprint in the world...get this book!" – LES BROWN

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  • The bad advice you have been following for the last two decades that no longer applies if you want to be happy and successful at work AND deliver incredible value to your organization (and how to REMEDY this immediately)
  • Why innovation is not a one-size-fits-all formula – and how to LEVERAGE your natural strengths to innovate whether or not you are a natural creative 
  • How to quickly MAXIMIZE your wellbeing level at work no matter what kind of work culture you are experiencing (and why you should share this approach with your boss or team!) 
  • Why a speak-up work culture is CRITICAL to employee happiness and business innovation...and how to cultivate it
  • The 3C's to creating psychological safety (a critical skill to develop if you're a leader)
  • A case study about a company that make a big mistake in how they treated their employees...and paid dearly as a result
  • ... and much, MUCH, more!


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